Providing Trained Service Dogs to Disabled Veterans

Got Your Six K9 was founded by veterans to give back to veterans. We provide German Shepherd and Belgian Malinois service dogs to assist post-9/11 combat veterans that have been diagnosed with PTSD or TBI. The service dogs are provided free of charge and are hand-delivered to the veteran by a member of our team. Each dog that Got Your Six K9 delivers to veterans has been trained to exacting standards by a certified police K9 master trainers for use as a PTSD service dog.


Help us by donating

Our organization is run by generous contributions from our supporters. Please consider donating today to help us provide more service dogs to deserving veterans. Our 501(c)(3) application is currently pending with the IRS, but we expect that we will be approved in 2018, which will make your donations tax-deductible.


Tell Us About a Deserving Veteran

Got Your Six K9 is always on the lookout for post-9/11 disabled combat veterans to serve. If you know of a veteran that has been diagnosed with PTSD or TBI sustained as a result of a combat injury and you think they might benefit from a service dog, please nominate the veteran through our online nomination page.


Share Our Mission With Others

Got Your Six K9 conducts fundraisers across the United States. We are often contacted by military veterans and veteran support groups that want to help by hosting a fundraiser benefitting Got Your Six K9. If you have an idea for a fundraiser in your local area or online, please contact us today and let’s talk.

Malinois PTSD Service Dog


Serving Those Who Serve Us

Founded by Army Veteran and Police K9 handler Stephen Scott

Steve Scott is the owner and head trainer at Scott’s Police K9 in Texas. Throughout his 14 years in business providing family protection dogs, Mr. Scott has always had a passion to provide PTSD service dogs to disabled veterans at no cost.